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Popsicle Party to Kick off the Holiday Season

26 Nov

My girls and my husband love popsicles.  It could be freezing cold out and my girls will still ask for popsicles.  Last year for Christmas the girls and I got my husband the Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Williams- Sonoma.  It creates custom made popsicles right in front of you in minutes.  You can purchase a three pop maker and I just saw they have a single and duo pop maker now.  We use ours at a couple nights a week and even more in the summer.  It is fun watching my older daughter create her own flavors, sometimes combining multiple ingredients.  This year I saw they have come out with a Zoku Quick Pop Character Tool Kit .  I am going to have to get the girls the kit so we can attempt to make the adorable holiday popsicles.  They would be a perfect snack/ dessert for a little holiday play date. If you haven’t started shopping you should add these to your list.  They would make a great gift.  Also, check out other additions to your popsicle maker at Williams- Sonoma.

All images are from Williams- Sonoma