Cookie Craze

18 Nov

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time for lots of cooking making.  As a little girl, I loved decorating cookies for the holidays but was never very good at the art aspect of decorating.  I got frustrated easily if my pumpkins face didn’t look perfect or that my bunny didn’t really look like a bunny. Recently, I stumbled across Progressive Cookie Cutters and Stencils and made an impulse buy.  If my girls get frustrated like I did you can easily pour sprinkle over the stencil.  I also thought the stencil part would be great for decorating pancakes in the morning or you can let your child use the cookie cutter to cut out their favorite shape pancake. If you don’t want to use the stencils you can let your child’s creativity and artistic ability run free.  I can’t wait for our cookie cutters to get here so the girls and I can start baking.  Check them out!

Image from ProgessiveItl

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