Gilbert’s Goodies

6 Nov

Every since Whole Foods opened in TriBeca it has become part of our daily routine.  The girls and I make a trip there at least once a day and on occasion twice. The only way I survive the trip is to grab a piece of cheese or stop by the samples and give them a snack.  The other day we stopped by a station serving cookies.  Of course, I had to check ingredients since my older daughter has allergies.  Lucky enough the sample was Gilbert’s Goodies, “award winning, delicious, all natural, and allergy friendly cookies and cookie dough.”  They had samples of the chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookies.  The girls LOVED the chocolate chip and wanted to go back for more.  If your child has a soy allergy, the chocolate chip cookies do contain soy lecithin.  Gilbert’s Goodies sell a variety of pre-made cookies, cookie dough, brownies and pies that would be a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.  Definitely worth a taste!

Chocolate Chip Paradise Cookie Dough  (Item # 206)Pumpkin Pie  (Item # 211)Mixed Case Bite Size Cookies  (Item #BCMixed)

(images used are from Gilbert’s Goodies)

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