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No Nuts in this House

3 Nov

Today I took my younger daughter to the allergist because my older daughter has a Peanut/ Tree nut allergy.  Fortunately for my youngest, as of now, she is fortunate not to have any of the common allergies: eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, or to any type of seed.  I have to say that having a child in the house with an allergy is extremely stressful.  We can’t leave the house without an EpiPen and we are constantly checking ingredients.  Luckily, my older daughter, 3, is able to communicate and ask if anything has nuts.  I was very impressed on Halloween when she was handed a brownie from a local bakery, she looked at the woman and said, “Excuse me. Does this have nuts?”  It made me start thinking about my youngest, 1 1/2, and what she would do if she were to have an allergy.  She has difficulty communicating what she wants or needs because she is just beginning to talk.  She loves to eat and definitely wouldn’t be able to let someone know if she had an allergy.  Last night I was up looking for different ID bracelets in case she had any allergies.  I found AllerMates, a company, which carries cute wristbands, dog tags, necklaces, t-shirts and lunch boxes.  Their website also shares information about Allergy Awareness that was helpful for me since I have no history of allergies.  If you have a child with allergies you should definitely check AllerMates out.  I will be buying a wristband and necklace for my daughter, just in case she forgets to ask one day.  You can never be too careful!

(Images from AllerMates)