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Candy Coma

1 Nov

Two years ago when I was pregnant, I couldn’t have enough Halloween Candy in the house.  Today, it’s the opposite and I know if I don’t do something with it I will eat it all before they do .  We bought way too much candy and my older daughter filled up her bag as well as her little sisters.  Yesterday it was Candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This morning all that came from my 3 year olds mouth was “I want candy then I’ll eat my lunch” or “I want candy NOW”. .  Here are a few ideas I have found in helping to get rid of excess Halloween candy.

1.  Give away Baggies: Since my daughters have a nut allergy, we are putting any candy that has nuts, might have nuts, or they want to share in sandwich bags (that we will be decorating) and will be giving them to their uncles and any adult we know who didn’t partake in Trick-or-Treating.


2. Chocolate Fondue (if you aren’t ready to get rid of all of your candy): A great activity for snack time or dessert.  Let your child or children pick some chocolate from their stash and put it in a microwave safe dish add a splash of milk and microwave for 15 sec. Stir (add more milk if necessary).  Microwave again for 15 seconds and serve with Strawberries, bananas or apple slices.  My girls loved it.


*We used Hershey Bars, kisses, and a gold coin.

3.  Halloween Candy Buy Backs: A program that “buys” back excess Halloween candy to send overseas to troops.  It is part of Operation Gratitude.  Click on the link to find the nearest spot to give back.  In addition you can have your child write a letter to troops or have them draw a picture if they are too young to say thank you.